This Is 40!

This is 40!

It’s my 40th birthday today! Yay!!!! In my teens and twenties, 40 seemed so much older, and now that I’m here, it seems so young still. Like I still have so much to learn, a lot to heal from and a lot of growing to do. I’m taking my time. There’s no rush. Learning, healing and growing is a lifelong journey.

As I sit here early in the morning writing this, I’m reflecting on a lot of the challenges I have been through throughout my 40 years on this planet. A bipolar diagnosis in my early 20’s. Three close friends passed away within a couple years of each other, also in my early 20’s. A global pandemic, which we have all experienced on some level, and most recently challenged with Bell’s Palsy (partial facial paralysis), which never fully healed. 

My 40 years have taught me many life lessons, some of which I wish I didn’t have to experience or learn. The main life lesson I’ve gained though, that I’d like to impart on others, is that we are more resilient than we know as human beings. Many of us have endured a lot!!! And yet, here we are experiencing another day in this thing called life. 

40 is not what I thought it would be as a teen or 20 something year old. Honestly, I thought it meant life was half over. Now, I believe the better part of life has only just begun. My life up until the past couple years, may have been preparation for what’s to come. I’ve learned so much, grown so much and have been challenged countless times. Now I have the opportunity to thrive and share with the younger generation and others, some of what I’ve learned, in hopes to help them on their own path to healing, growth, learning and resiliency.

This is 40!

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