Kim Barnett
Author, My Bipolar Voice

My name is Kim Barnett, and I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in my early 20’s. It has affected most aspects of my life, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. My hope is that this blog will be therapeutic, not only for myself, but for others struggling with Bipolar Disorder or any other mental health obstacles. Self care is immensely important! Please join me on my mental health growth journey by reading, and possibly we can start to end the stigma associated with mental health challenges. As you can see I’m open about my mental health and all are welcome to subscribe, comment, like and share.

This Is 40!

This is 40! It’s my 40th birthday today! Yay!!!! In my teens and twenties, 40 seemed so much older, and now that I’m here, it seems so young still. Like I still have so much to learn, a lot to heal from and a lot of growing to do. I’m taking my time. There’s no…

Remembering Tom on World Bipolar Day

In my early 20’s, almost 20 years ago, I was nearing the end of my 5 year college journey to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Sociology at Cal State University, Northridge. What should have taken me 4 years to complete, according to my academic advisors, took me an additional year, due to unexplained mental health…

Mental Wellness Is More Than Therapy & Pills

When I was initially diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I in the early 2000’s, there was not much explained to me about managing the symptoms of the disorder, other than the psychiatrist prescribing me with a couple medications, that he hoped would work and suggesting I see a therapist to help with coping with the dire…

Sometimes We Have To Let Go To Grow

I had a best friend from early childhood till I was about 20 years old. We did most things together and I was closer to her than my own sister. I even would go as far as to say that I thought of her as a sister. While in college, she and I lived together…


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